The Children Of Willesden Lane (The play: The Pianist of Willesden Lane)

The Children Of Willesden Lane by Mona Golabek and Lee Cohen - pages
The play: The Pianist Of Willesden Lane is based on this book
Book Blurb:
With the raw emotion of The Diary of Anne Frank, Mona Golabek's powerful memoir is a poignant story of tragedy and triumph in a time of war. Famed concert pianist Mona Golabek shares the inspirational true story of her mother's escape from pre-World War II Vienna to an orphanage in London-243 Willesden Lane. "The music will give you strength. . . it will be your best friend in life." With these words-the last she would ever hear from her mother-ringing in her ears, young piano prodigy Lisa Jura boarded the Kindertransport and headed for safety. Amidst the dozens of Jewish refugees trying to make their way in war-torn London, Lisa forms indelible friendships, finds romance, and, against all odds, wins a scholarship to study piano at the Royal Academy of London. This is a stunning testament to the power of music to lift the human spirit and to grant the soul endurance, patience, and peace.
My Review: 5 stars
Let’s start by saying I didn’t read this book, I saw the play at the Royal George Theater in Chicago and didn’t even know it was a book until after the show. Had I known, I’d have been there with one in hand for the author, who happens to be the main star, expert pianist and wonderful actress to sign. This show was remarkable in it’s ability to tell a story through few words and incredible music in only an hour and half. I highly suggest anyone to either read this book or see this one woman show. If you like this story, I recommend reading Motherland: Beyond the Holocaust by Fern Schumer Chapman which is another wonderfully told memoir and focuses on the mother/daughter relationship.
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