Meeting Judy Blume

I clearly remember my fourth grade classroom's reading shelf in Mrs. Goldsmith’s classroom at Potomac Elementary School in Maryland. On that shelf there was a book that seemed to attract every girl in the class for in held the secrets to our feelings, our discomfort, our self-esteem, our identities, our religions, our body changes and of course, our periods!

It was not a book the girls could borrow and casually leave on our desks because heaven forbid a boy saw us taking it home. And of course we had to take it home because we would NEVER read this bible of our eleven year old selves at school.

These feelings were private and the only one on the planet who understood us was Margaret, from Judy Blume’s book, Are You There G-d, It’s Me Margaret.

With a plethora of books behind her, Judy Blume, at 75 is still writing and has even co-produced a movie based on her book Tiger Eyes, with her son Lawrence of which the beloved Fudge books were based.

Currently writing her first “historical” novel although she jokes on how can it be historical when it’s only from the 50’s, Judy seemed completely young at heart and utterly happy to be writing this book.

Listening to her speak about her career and then getting the chance to briefly meet with her was a highlight of my reading life. I thank the Printer’s Row Lit Fest and the Chicago Public Library for bringing her to me! She has touched generations upon generations with nothing more than her pen and paper and her incredibly vivid imagination and utterly real dialogue.