The Woman At The Light

The Woman At The Light by Joanna Brady - 351 pages
Book Blurb:
One afternoon in 1839, Emily Lowry’s husband vanishes from Wreckers’ Cay, an isolated island off the coast of Key West where he tends to the lighthouse. As days stretch into months, Emily has no choice but take charge of Wrecker’s Cay and her husband’s duties tending the light to support her three children—and a fourth on the way. Unexpected help arrives when a runaway slave named Andrew washes up on their beach. At first, Emily is intensely wary of this strange, charming man, whose very presence there is highly illegal. But Andrew proves himself an enormous help and soon wins the hearts of the Lowry family. And—far from the outside world and society’s rules—his place in Emily’s life, as steadfast now as the light, will forever change their futures. When Emily’s family is ripped apart once again, she faces untold hardships that test her love and determination and show how the passionate love of a defiant, determined woman can overcome any obstacle.
My Review: 5 stars
This book took me just where I needed to go right now. Far away to distant Key West, in the 19th century among family, romance, tenacity, slavery, Indian raids, courage and perseverance. Emily’s story was unusual and breathtaking as she was swept into the arms of a runaway slave which was highly illegal. As it was, women had little more than a slave’s status in the mid 1800’s. The historical detail was evident and the author, a Key West native, thankfully shared which facts were and were not true in an epilogue. Emily, the protagonist, is a character to cheer for and certainly keep the turning the pages for.
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