The First Husband

The First Husband by Laura Dave - 244 pages
Book Blurb:
Annie Adams is days away from her thirty-second birthday and thinks she has finally found some happiness. She visits the world's most interesting places for her syndicated travel column and she's happily cohabiting with her movie director boyfriend Nick in Los Angeles. But when Nick comes home from a meeting with his therapist (aka "futures counselor") and announces that he's taking a break from their relationship so he can pursue a woman from his past, the place Annie had come to call home is shattered. Reeling, Annie stumbles into her neighborhood bar and finds Griffin-a grounded, charming chef who seems to be everything Annie didn't know she was looking for. Within three months, Griffin is Annie's husband and Annie finds herself trying to restart her life in rural Massachusetts.
My Review: 3 stars
This was an unexpected love story as well as a coming of age story. Based on the cover’s author reviews, from Jonathan Tropper and Jen Lancaster, I expected the book to be a little more comical and/or quick witted. I loved the superstitions that character admitted to as I believe we all have a little bit of that in us; whether it be a movie, a song or a special number.
This character grew into herself and it reminded me that often things, both good and bad, happen for a reason.
A good beach read.
Quotes I liked:
- “We knew each other so well by this point--knew each other in that honest, unmitigated way that people get to know you who meet you when you’re still young. Before all the rest of it. Before it becomes both easier and harder to know yourself.”

-“That's the brutality of a breakup, isn't it? The people leaving think they did everything possible, the people left behind think what is possible hasn't even been tested yet.”

-“When everything gets messy and brutal and complicated, the truth is the first thing to go, isn't it?”

- “We’re like an after school special. The elderly version.”

- “...that maybe just once in this life someone loves us for the us we don’t don’t even know how to be yet.”
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