Found Objects

Found Objects by Peter Gelfan - 268 pages
ARC from Nortia Press
Book Blurb:
Aldo Zoria is a successful commercial photographer who lives in a happy menage a trois with his wife and their lover along with the lover's two young children. Domestic bliss shatters when an unexpected guest arrives.
Found Objects tells a story of struggle between values and instincts, ideals and reality, whom we strive to become and whom we are born to be.
My Review: 3.5 stars
Warning, this book is definitely not one to pick up if you only read a few books a year. This book is for the reader who can appreciate the writing and look beyond the norm. I started this with a bit of distaste because I couldn’t relate to the lifestyle but the writing is so well done and the story so well crafted that I really got deep into the lives of these 4 main characters. This book, told in the first person, was interesting but I would’ve loved this book to be told from different viewpoints so I really knew what the other characters were thinking. This book is highly character driven with little to no real plot besides their “unique” living situation. It’s the readers option to accept their lives or not.
Quotes I liked:
- “Of course, why you fall in love with someone and what you ought to love them for are very different things.”

- “Philosophers and prophets like to equate love with virtue, enlightenment, nirvana, or G-d. I think the writers of country-and-western songs hit closer to the mark.”

- “Kierkegaard said that life can only be understood backward but must be lived forward.”

- “Joy comes from newness, but comfort from habit.”

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