What Happened To My Sister

What Happened To My Sister by Elizabeth Flock - 272 pages
Book Blurb:
Nine-year-old Carrie Parker and her mother, Libby, are making a fresh start in the small town of Hartsville, North Carolina, ready to put their turbulent past behind them. Violence has shattered their family and left Libby nearly unable to cope. And while Carrie once took comfort in her beloved sister, Emma, her mother has now forbidden even the mention of her name. When Carrie meets Ruth, Honor, and Cricket Chaplin, these three generations of warm hearted women seem to have the loving home Carrie has always dreamed of. But as Carrie and Cricket become fast friends, neither can escape the pull of their families’ secrets—and uncovering the truth will transform the Chaplins and the Parkers forever.
My Review:  3 stars
I loved this follow up to Me & Emma. This small character is so big in heart and resourcefulness that it tugs on your heartstrings. This is a hard book to review as so much of what I want to say will end up being a spoiler. I suppose I’ll make it short and say that although I loved the story, I only gave it three stars as the “resemblance” issue was too corny for me, yet I praised the Chaplin family for their kindness. The ending would’ve been excellent except for the last few pages, which in my opinion, were completely unnecessary. In a nutshell; the power of imagination and recall are at the heart of this story as well as the bond of mothers/daughters and sisters.
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