The Woman Who Heard Color

The Woman Who Heard Color by Kelly Jones- 400 pages
Book Blurb:
Lauren O'Farrell is an "art detective" who made it her mission to retrieve invaluable works stolen by the Nazis during the darkest days of World War II. Her quest leads her to the Manhattan apartment of elderly Isabella Fletcher, a woman who lives in the shadow of a terrible history-years ago her mother was rumored to have collaborated with the Nazis.
But as Isabella reveals the events of her mother's life, Lauren finds herself immersed in an amazing story of courage and secrecy as she discovers the extraordinary truth about a priceless piece of art that may have survived the war and the enduring relationship between a mother and a daughter.
My review: 4 stars
For a book I chose solely on the title (which I try and do once or twice a year) I was so happy with this pick! This story read as if it were true and I'm sure there were women during this time period which lived out scenes from this book. I enjoyed the historical perspectives more than the current ones. Art was prominent throughout the book as was Hitler's goal to destroy it. I gained a new perspective about the art, the artists and the value of the pieces that survived Nazi Germany. Who knew that many famous art pieces are actually survivors of that terrible time in our history.
I very much enjoyed the ideas of hearing color. It almost felt as if it was a sixth sense and a wonderful gift to have. Mystery, romance, and history...a perfect trifecta!
Sadly, I didn’t like the cover. It didn't sit well with the story and I'm curious how it was chosen.

Tags: 2011, Historical Fiction, Holocaust, Mothers/Daughters, Mystery, Art

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