The Real Minerva

The Real Minerva by Mary Sharatt- 272 pages
Book Blurb:
Stunningly detailed, richly plotted, and emotionally engrossing, The Real Minerva is the story of three women forging their own paths in a Midwestern farming community. In 1923, as book-loving Penny enters adolescence, her mother, Barbara, pulls her out of school to send her to work. Destined to become a cleaning woman like her mother, Penny sees no escape from her bleak existence until a scandalous figure arrives in the town of Minerva, Minnesota: Cora, very pregnant, very headstrong, and very alone, has come to make a home on her grandfather's farm. Intrigued by this curious new resident, Penny sets out to work for Cora. Suspenseful and moving,The Real Minerva is a remarkable novel about the strength of women and the unexpected bonds that form between them.
My review: 3.5 stars
This was a random pick from the library that I picked from the title, the cover and the jacket summary. I lucked out with this one! I really liked this wholesome coming of age story set in the small town of Minerva, Minnesota.  The characters are the definition of inner strength as these three women and their daughters overcome abuse, racial prejudice and incest. The plot was never predictable and I appreciated the author’s ability to do that. I look forward to reading her earlier works which have been given quite good reviews.

Tags: Mothers/Daughters, Historical Fiction, 2011, Coming Of Age

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