Mrs. Mike

Mrs. Mike by Benedict Freedman and Nancy Mars Freedm  -320 pages
Book Blurb:
A moving love story set in the Canadian wilderness, Mrs. Mike is a classic tale that has enchanted millions of readers worldwide. It brings the fierce, stunning landscape of the Great North to life-and tenderly evokes the love that blossoms between Sergeant Mike Flannigan and beautiful young Katherine Mary O'Fallon.
My Review: 2.5 stars
Let’s just say my TBR pile was sending me obscenities to get moving on to something else if I wasn’t feeling the love for the book or the “moving love story” between the two main characters. Due to the setting and time, the slow moving pace of the writing definitely set the mood for the slow processes these characters had to endure. Mail twice a year, week long treks in the snow to get from one locale to the next.
I enjoyed the northern scenic descriptions and the peril the people lived in due to mother nature. I loved the relationship Kathy formed with the natives as well as the adventurous scenes in the story.

Tags: 2011, Historical Fiction, Romance, Adventure

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