The Irresistible Henry House

The Irresistible Henry House by Lisa Grunwald - 432 pages
Book Blurb:
It is the middle of the twentieth century, and in a home economics program at a prominent university, real babies are being used to teach mothering skills to young women. For a young man raised in these unlikely circumstances, finding real love and learning to trust will prove to be the work of a lifetime. In this captivating novel, bestselling author Lisa Grunwald gives us the sweeping tale of an irresistible hero and the many women who love him.
From his earliest days as a “practice baby” through his adult adventures in 1960s New York City, Disney’s Burbank studios, and the delirious world of the Beatles’ London, Henry remains handsome, charming, universally adored—and never entirely accessible to the many women he conquers but can never entirely trust.
My Review: 4.0 stars
Thoroughly enjoyed Henry House and found this notion of practice babies incredible, outrageous and fascinating all at once. Who knew this concept was actually practiced in the 1940’s. So much to discuss regarding nurture vs. nature and mother child bonding in this book. Author did a tremendous job of bringing the reader into this time period up through the 1970’s with her excellent description of place, time, clothing, music and more. I thought this book was too long, but quite good all around.

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