31 Hours

31 Hours by Mahsa Hamilton- 240 pages
Book Blurb:
A woman in New York awakens knowing, as deeply as a mother s blood can know, that her grown son is in danger. She has not heard from him in weeks. His name is Jonas. His girlfriend, Vic, doesn t know what she has done wrong, but Jonas won t answer his cell phone. We soon learn that Jonas is isolated in a safe-house apartment in New York City, pondering his conversion to Islam and his experiences training in Pakistan, preparing for the violent action he has been instructed to take in 31 hours. Jonas s absence from the lives of those who love him causes a cascade of events, and as the novel moves through the streets and subways of New York we come to know intimately the lives of its characters. We also learn to feel deeply the connections and disconnections that occur between young people and their parents not only in this country but in the Middle East as well.
My Review: 3 stars
Masha, Masha, Masha...okay, i always wanted to say that....
I enjoyed this book a lot, however, I needed this book to be longer to give it more stars. I hate canned endings and neatly wrapped up stories, but this ending left me needing more. I grew too close to Vic, Mara and Sonny to not hear what happened to them. Did they get off the train? Did the police officer listen to Sonny?, Did Carol and Jake find solace in eachother after this ordeal? I hate to think that Jonas really went through with his actions.
I liked (although cliche) the twist on 11/9 rather than 9/11 and this time the terrorism was home grown, rather than from abroad.

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